Exciting New Partnerships

    For two years we have had the opportunity to work closely with Guelph Humber University, and their Justice Program. In our first year with GH, we took on 30 students for a course placement. These students came online as friendship and specialty mentors, each controbuiting a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer service! They also participated in our Pink Shirt Campaign and other community workshops. 

    This year we had 50 students from GH do their placement. 49 were from the Justice Program, but this year we added a student from their Media Studies program - and she had to complete 240 hours! Not only was our online community vibrant and exciting with new content and lots of interactions with our members, but Kathy, our Media student, designed a new postcard for us, banners for the web site, social media posts, and designed the theme for our upcoming fall event. This internship was so successful we have asked to take on more students from the Media Program, and hope to have some students with us this summer!

    Our seecond University partnership started this year is with Brock University in St. Catherines. We took on two students from the Recreation Department (Therapeutic and Community Recreation), and once again they created new content and inspired our members to get involved in community recreation. This was also a very successul placement and we plan on building this partnership going forward.

    And finally, we announce our newest partnership in the works with Mohawk College and their Brain Disorders Management Program and  Mental Health and Disability Management Program. Watch our online content grow with all of this fresh talent and knowledge base, so closely aligned with our program.