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    Our newest Ambassador Jessica Lewis shares the reasons she likes Ability Online.



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    1. You know that I extremely appreciate what you do for all of your Volunteers and other members on this site.  You may think that I am only talking about myself, but I am not.  I have received, in the Forums and in Private Messages on Ability, that the other members really appreciate what you have done for them. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Michelle.  I can only think positively when it comes to you.  I never have any negative thoughts in my mind about you and your work.  Thank you. Mentor Nathan Sleep


    1. I love Ability Online because there is lots of fun stuff and skill development stuff as well as showcasing abilities like Krystian's Newsletter for example across the country. and that its a safe social network for everyone. I love that Michelle promoted my newsletter about success stories to reduce stigma and discrimination around all disabilities and illnesses like mental health issues. and I love that she is trying to break down Stigma and discrimination like I am. Sincerely Krystian Shaw the Kamloops self advocate newsletter founder.



    1. Ability online is a great online tool for parents with children with disabilities, like ourselves, which is a safe place to communicate with other parents and receive a valuable advice or information. It allows people to connect with professionals and get to know other people facing the same challenges in the community. Ability Online is also a place that makes wonders by helping other parents to purchase items that can make a tremendous change in the lives of their loved ones. We all want to give as much as possible to our children with special needs, unfortunately, the financial barriers may prevent this from happening. Ability Online had helped us to purchase a special tricycle for our son which we could not have afford to purchase on our own.We are extremely happy and positive that this purchase will make an enormous effect on improving the quality of a daily life of our son who is very active. Thank you Ability Online for being generous and supportive throughout our life journey! Oksana, Michael and Yoni 


    1. The Ability Online is a good place to make lots new friends. It is not a boring site. It is lots of fun. I like being a mentor which is about welcoming new people to the site and telling them how the site works. Hosts think I teach people. A host is the person that watches out on the site. I like the site because it is easy to keep in touch with people. The site is easy to use. People support each other on this site which I like.  Kristin 
    1. Ability  online has many different types of entertainment while being educational, and the different types of people I can talk to.  I'm never bored or alone online. Nicole 


    1. Great site open to all disabilities no matter who you are , safe what happens on the site stays on the site, i have never found any other site like it. Host Roger


    1. The members of the site help and support each other. Mentor Ann


    1. My favourite thing of Ability Online is the games and the forums. Ryan 


    1. my fav thing to do-on here is million of things-lol so I will give you the short version-I love making new friends on here and also I really enjoy try to help other people with some of their dilemas now Im not a DR or anything but I do have great insight on things-I guess that is what makes me awesome. Patrick 


    1. What I like most about Ability Online is that it is a caring community of people that supports each other.


    1. AbilityOnline is an important platform for communication and resource hub. Working with Michelle as an Adversity Management Coach and Fitness professional has allowed me to connect with many individuals and helped me to address their goals. I think that the ability to get to know and help so many individuals is amazing, and the environment that AbilityOnline harnesses is friendly, interpersonal, warm and encouraging. AbilityOnline does important work in a very pleasant and meaningful way.  Jess 


    1. I enjoy welcoming new people to Ability Online and helping them around the site if they get stuck, I have made a lot of friends since joining myself and I like to keep in touch with the friends I have made. I get to chat to loads of People anywhere in the world, that is what’s good about it for me. Host Gwyneth


    1. Hello, I Iike Ability Online because it provides a forum for parents, children and individuals with disabilities to socialize and support each other.  I am impressed at how the site keeps up to date on "cool" and interesting things for people to do.  It is really nice especially for those who don't know where to go for ideas.  I find their are so many topics and ideas. I especially feel that there is a lack of support and information for people with disabilities over 21 and it is great to see all that is available on Ability Online for them. Also, as a single parent of a child with special needs who doesn't have siblings or a mother; it is nice to know that they can also help with he finances necessary to access something I other wise wouldn't be able to for my son with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  Thank you Nicole   


    1. When you log into Ability Online, you enter a whole new world of fun and acceptance, one that is unlike no other website you will find on the internet! Danielle 


    1. wow!!!  So lucky to have access to this!! Thank you! Caroline 


    1. A place to message without bullies!! Gabriel 


    1. Hey Michelle!  I have tears of joy in my eyes right now, I am forever thankful! Arwa


    1. I think AO is a safe online community for people with different disabilities to get together, share their differences and communicate. Lina