WOW - the site is fabulous!  Well done!

    Thanks again for all your hard work. Heidi B.


    Love the site and stories! Tera P.

    It's brilliant. Lu


    Michelle omg i love it i was in tears it does not take much but i was in tears.... i love i love i love it... you did an amazing job. i read everything  ... wow....Thank You!!!!  you truly are a warm hearted lady ...I love the new site.....Rosa


    OMG....that looks wonderful!   Thanks again. I can't express how much we appreciate your support. Thanks. ..  Kelley



    Hi Michelle,

    I just want to take this opportunity to say my heartiest thanks to you for providing us such a valuable support towards quality life of my kids.

    Thanks and Regards,





    I want to say THANK YOU we REALLY APPRECIATED :)

    You have made a change on our daughter's and our life.

    Thank you and happy new year 2014 again

    May God Bless you always




    After getting an AG grant, I reminded the parent we wanted him to stay involved on the site, and here was his response...That's not even needed to mention, as I'm getting addicted to it. Honestly speaking, its the home page of my browser, so each time I use my laptop, first I enter to this website and see some messages, posts and reply accordingly.




    I found myself writing this email over and over again. Couldn't find the exact words to express my gratitude. Thank you and your staff for helping us to try to reach our goal. I am also overwhelmed by Sammy's (Volunteer) kindness. It sometimes feels lonely and tiring. There are always so many things that have to be taken care of every day that sometimes I forget what life is like. Fortunately, more and more people are aware of autism. Along the way, people are becoming more tolerant and patient with us. Though still quite a challenge, I still see hope and possibly start having expectations of what JC might become. Especially, when someone like Sammy comes along, it reminds me this world is still a great place and we just have to work a little harder. Thank you, and thank you over and over again. It's beyond words.





    Thank you Michelle. I can't believe how amazing this program is!  Barb




    As a research coordinator for the Transition study at McMaster, I am impressed with the responsiveness and readiness to make the site more user-friendly demonstrated by its Executive Director. The site is a great resource for youth and for our project because it’s professionally developed, audience-centered, safe and empowering young people with a range of medical conditions. 

    Oksana Hlyva, MSc, PhD, TRACE study Research Coordinator, Pediatrics
    CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research
    Institute for Applied Health Sciences, McMaster University