Ability Gives Program and Eligibility



    Ability Gives is an equipment grant program created by Ability Online, with the generous support from the Pollack family. It was established in 2012 and focuses on helping families with children (under 18 years of age) with a disability or a complex medical condition. We have given the gift of independence to more than 200 children to date! You can check out success stories here

    In the past we have provided grants for families who needed therapy bikes, walkers, adapted strollers, and much more! The impact of these grants for families is huge. Not only do we provide a safe and secure community on Ability Online, but we also aspire to help families with equipment they cannot afford. 

    To be eligible: 

    1.You MUST be an active parent member of Ability Online (at least once a week, and replying to messages). Go to www.abilityonline.org and click on the Register button. Use your name (first and last) as your username, and your date of birth so the site sees you as an adult member. We keep kids separate from adults. The disability info relates to your child. Your account will be activated  once it comes through and we have verified your information.

    2.Child MUST be 18 years of age or under.

    Contact us and let us know what equipment are you looking for and the cost. Once approved, we will profile your child to raise the funds for the equipment when it is your turn, so we will need a picture along with a paragraph describing your child, what equipment is needed and why. 

    The more active you are on Ability Online, the higher up on the waiting list you will go.


    If you know someone in need of this program please contact the Executive Director, Michelle McClure at michelle@abilityonline.org  


    To contribute and become a donor, please donate at Ability Gives

    Zophia in action with her Grillo walker from Ability Gives