A Digital Response to COVID-19

    "Why Ability Online, and Why Now? A digital response to COVID-19”


    Social distancing is a choice. We choose to self isolate to protect those we care about. But for many, social isolation is a year round reality. For youth and young adults with disabilities, it can be extremely difficult to find safe and accessible places to meet friends, to hang out, to BE SOCIAL, even when there aren’t additional extreme health risks at play.

    That’s where Ability Online comes in. Since 1990, Ability Online has been offering a free, secure, online environment that lets youth & young adults of ALL abilities…be themselves. Sharing experiences, joking around, or even just listening when someone’s had a bad day are all ways that we show each other that WE’RE NOT ALONE. We never are. 

    Since then, we’ve expanded to provide support and resources not only for youth and young adults, but for their families, their friends, and education and health professionals. We encourage ALL families to join the site, not only to access a supportive community, but also to take advantage of the games, message areas and fun ideas that we’ve compiled to give everyone the virtual hug we all need right now.

    Stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands! 


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