Community Partners

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    Together we can make a difference!

    Ability Online is proud to have developed community and health care partnerships across Canada. These partnerships are primarily with acute care and pediatric hospitals, rehabilitation centres, group homes, and other health-related organizations, as well as some schools and other community associations.

    The principle behind establishing these partnerships is to reach those who need us most “in situ”, precisely when and where they are undergoing treatment and could use the extra support, friendship, and knowledge from those who have ‘been there’.  Since Ability Online can be accessed from any computer/device with internet access, it’s usually available at our partners’ sites, and can stay with members once they have returned home.

    But our partnerships mean more than just referrals. Our partners value the access to a safe and secure online community where there is an opportunity to:

    • Connect, network, share, and learn from others
    • Feel confident about social interactions in a bully-free environment
    • Learn from educational forums and postings made by experts in related fields
    • Participate in research forums to further help, equip and enable others
    • Access and collobarate on the development of a variety of tools designed to help our members accomplish great things!

    If you are interested in a partnership with Ability Online please send an email to or call toll free 1-866-650-6207.