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    Ability Online is very helpful and there are so much new things I learn about - Mala R


    What a wonderful communication tool, I am going to tell all my friends. -Randy L


    Hi Michelle, 

    No problem, I really like what your organization stands for! I hope we can get something running for Feb. 24! 

    Sydney (Online volunteer, University student)


    i am THRILLED! To be a part of this project.Jeff B, Rick Hanson Ambassador and online mentor.


    I am happy to get involved. Especially with the equipment.  I would have loved to have the knowledge i have now when Tristan was small, so I can help other parents now that I know.  :) 


    Also, i really like your model for the charity.  Building a community of practice and a community of parents on one side, and granting funds to help with unfunded items that are special to a family's circumstance. It has a two-pronged direct impact on families and that's pretty exceptional.  

    :)   Melanie


    Hi all, I just wanted to say a special thanks for all your help. Sherry 

    This process has been so smooth - words cannot describe our appreciation! 

    Thanks for putting a big smile on my face - Katie

    Thanks Michelle!  I think I’m still in shock about how wonderful your organization is!!!  This is a long road, but my heart is so full of hope!!  :D

    First of all let me give you and your organization a big THANK YOU for continue providing support to families with disabilities and needs.  I was surprise to here that there is organization (abilityonline) out there who can help without having to many red tapes.  Nadir  

    Your program has been a wonderful blessing to Troy and our family and we can't thank you (and the sponsors) enough for your generosity. Thanks again!  -Cheryl 

    Michelle your a lovely warm-hearted lady who's always there to help us with all the amazing ideas helpful things we can use & do. 
    Thank you!!!!! So much Abilityonline.org keep up the amazing work you all do. 
    Thank you  
    Rosa / Matteo

    I want to get inspiration from other teens that would understand better about what I'm going through and I might help others with what I've been through and what I'm going through right now. I also just want to make new friends that I can connect with.