Comfort sitting for Davi

    Davi is almost 4 years old, and he is truly our miracle.  He was born at 31 weeks gestation; however, one week later he caught an infection at the hospital and had a massive brain bleed.  Once it subsided we were told that Davi would have cerebral palsy.  We were devastated needless to say.  His diagnosis seemed pretty grim.  We were told he would be quadriplegic, probably would not speak, walk, or sit, and that he might be blind.  At that moment we decided that no matter what the outcome, as long as he was “happy”, we would be “OK”.  At the age of 5 months old, we started intensive therapy called CME, which stands for Cuevas Medek Exercises.  After about a year, we started to notice changes in Davi.  We never gave up and neither did he.  Just before he turned two he started to make attempts to sit.  As time went on he started to roll, use his hands and showed signs of wanting to walk.  We are proud to tell you that today Davi is able to walk in a walker with some support, sit for long periods of time independently, starting to speak sentences clearly, is able to feed himself and loves to sing “Alouette”.  Over the years we have purchased a lot of different equipment for Davi to use in the home, but we do not have a proper chair for him to eat at the kitchen table.  He originally had a high chair which he grew out of, and currently he is using a wooden chair and table on the ground in order for him to have the proper support he needs to feed himself.  Since we believe that eating together as a family is very important, and especially allowing Davi to be independent in a chair that meets his needs would benefit him so much.  We are very appreciative of having this opportunity and want to thank you for allowing us to enjoy family meals together with our beautiful and “happy” son!

    The parents of Davi