The Ability Online logo represents the organization's brand and may be used following the guidelines specified below and only with authorization from Ability Online.

    The following downloadable logos are provided in order for the user to publicize, communicate or demonstrate support and/or its relationship to Ability Online. The manner in which the logo is used reflects on both on Ability Online and your organization. If you intend to download and use the Ability Online logo, we ask that as a courtesy you email our office and inform us as to how the logo will be used.

    Usage style

    The parameters for logo use are as follows:

    • Logo must be accurately shown in proportion and orientation. Distorting or rotating the logo is not permitted. Minimum size must be so that the words Ability Online are readable.
    • Logo must not be incorporated into any other mark or symbol. It may not be used as a border on or around any item.
    • You may not use our logo as part of either your name or your company's name.