Tyler gets a voice!

    Meet Tyler...

    Tyler is an 18 year old young man who has Cerebral Palsy all his life.  Beneath  his physically entrapped  musculature, he has  a very bright mind, he is a very smart, hard working young man.   He is practically nonverbal,  because  it is extremely difficult to understand him when he tries to speak apart from simply yes and no.

    Tyler  loves working with anything technical such as computers, IPAD, TV, etc.  He was given the opportunity to work with some very bright young men from the University of Toronto, who is developing a software called "My Voice", which will helps children and adults like Tyler to be in tuned with the world and community in which  they live, to try to be as independent as much as possible.  Due to the astranomical financial requirements of Tyler's needs, I found it very difficult financially to purchase one of these equipment for him, therefore, I felt very blessed when, Ms. Chui refer Tyler to Ms. Michelle.

    These young men Alex, Tony and Aaskash, brought  their IPAD for Tyler to see how he can use it, Tyler had never seen or use and IPAD before or the software on it, but within an hour he was able to master this piece of equipment and order coffee from Tim Hortons for me, in which the attendant at the Tim Horton's understood his order clearly and execute his order effectively. Everyone around him was amazed.

    Later, because he was an inpatient at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab, rehabiliting,  he got the opportunity to use it in their classroom, where he would go to Tim Hortons and order coffee for everyone in that class.

    This is just one aspect of  his future with the IPAD, he will be able to connect with friends on  Ability Online , tweet, send email, do his ARTs with special APPS, etc.  This IPAD will open up a whole new world for Tyler and will really enhance his future tremendously.

    Thank you so kindly for answering Tyler Prayers.

    Pamela  (Tyler's Mom)

    (From left to right) Michelle McClure, Adam Stern, Tyler and his Dad and Mom and Corey Pollack met on March 5th to present Tyler with his ipad. As you can see in the photo, Tyler was distracted by the MyVoice team who were putting the final installation touches to the ipad! You should have seen him light up when it came out of the box -but wait - we have a picture...

    In addition to the iPad from Ability Gives, the team at My Voice have donated their software to Tyler so he will truly be heard! Thank you to everyone who made this donation possible! Here's a link to the MyVoice blog with more pictures from this special day!

    Tyler and his parents, Corey Pollack and the team from My Voice -Aakash, Tony and Alex. As you can see, Tyler was anxious for Corey to get the iPad unwrapped and on his tray so he could start talking!